Grant Forrest is a Computer Scientist currently studying at Lancaster University.  He is the man behind a new and upcoming web/media company called N:Hance Media.  Using his wide and varied knowledge of the Internet, he advises his clients on the best way to increase and make use of their web potential. Getting found on the web is important in the Google Generation, if your not on the Internet then your not going to be found!

Most of Grant’s time is spent either on his computer developing his own web potential or with his girlfriend Maria. With his hobbies being blogging and web design, he enjoys the time out that he spends with Maria from walking to just having a good laugh, every minute is special with her.

Grant is a committed Christian who has grown up in The Salvation Army.  Having had this Christian upbringing he has developed his own deeper understanding of what  Jesus means to him.  The Church has played a big part in his life, not only allowing him to develop as a person but also develop skills in ‘multi-media’.  This has led to him developing solutions for Churches to aide their worship experience through effective use of computers and projectors.  This is a keen area of interest for him and would be willing to help your Church through his company N:Hance Media.


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